What’s your favourite music video? Is it Nirvana jumping around a gym, Duran Duran lounging on a yacht, the Beastie Boys pretending to be cops? We’ve got a new one to chuck into the mix that really needs to make the playlist on MTV. Its even had a bit controversy in that it was removed from YouTube initially due to some naughty nudity, its back up though, somewhat suitable for work and its our first pick on this week’s viral rundown.

1. Biting Elbows – Bad Mother****er

Next up is a brilliant PSA from Canada which is a nice change from the sickly and gratuitous films that are usual reserved for this type of ad. Do you like to do things socially? Get ready to feels stupid about that.

2. Social Farting

This one just missed out last week but we really wanted to place it this time. It’s a Be Kind Rewind of the classic Biker Bar scene from Terminator 2 from the brilliant sweeding team at Cinefix.

3. Terminator 2 – Homemade

We couldn’t leave out Ricky Gervais’ tremendous return as David Brent and the subsequently hilarious video for Equality Street. The people are calling for that third series now but will Gervais do it? Will he want to put the weight back on – a thinner Brent with slightly better hair doesn’t quite fit…next.

4. Brent & Johnson – Equality Street

For the finale its another musical outing and some more robots. We promise no more robots next week. Unless something incrediblegets made in the meantime! Like a Short Circuit remake for example. Anyway here’s a the first robot lego band playing some sweet electro jams. Enjoy Your weekend! Remember to get involved with us on Twitter @spectrecom

5. Toa Mata Band – Episode 1

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