There’s been a bumper crop of virals in this last week, with plenty of April Fools gags doing the rounds. Unsurprisingly perhaps it is YouTube that came up with one of the best clips

showing us a nightmarish scenario where the site only existed all this time just for a competition and will shortly be taken down. Take a look, its our first favourite clip of the week…

1. YouTube – Ready To Pick A Winner

Next up its the ubiquitous face in the background of many a comedy show – Kevin Eldon. He’s got a new show now – It’s Kevin – and this Amish based sketch from it is an absolute pearler. Youngsters and the oblivious should check out the related videos for the Sex Pistols/Grundy reference.

2. It’s Kevin – Amish Sex Pistols

Remember Andy Cole? Remember Dwight Yorke? Remember Andy Cole’s fledgling music career?…Well anyway they’re back doing what they do best on the pitch with Manchester United’s current crop of forwards. The question is, are they as good when blindfolded? They aren’t. Interesting side-note though – Fernando Torres is about the same.

3. bwin – Blindfolded Football

Do you like Huey Lewis & The News? Maybe you prefer American Psycho? Well Huey himself accompanied by Weird Al playing slimeball Paul Allen have remade that famous scene from the now cult classic film of Easton Ellis’ infamous novel.

4. American Psycho – Huey Lewis & The News

Finally its some bombastic advertising courtesy of Adidas Originals who teamed up DJ A-Track with graphics and video genius SO-ME for an audio-visual overflowing with street culture.

5. Adidas Originals – Unite All Originals

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