Its been a bumper week for viral videos and video marketing making it super tough to narrow down five of the best. We’ve had some beautiful animation, some quirky rudeness and an amazing new phone.

First up this week is Chipotle who have followed up their beautifully crafted healthy produce animation with another amazing CGI piece about a Scarecrow that grows weary of a world filled with awful food. Check out the film and mobile game below:

1. Chipotle – The Scarecrow

Next up its Key and Peele with another hilarious sketch based around the East v West NFL College Game.

2. Comedy Central – East/West College Bowl

This next video is quite a strange one. Girl’s Don’t Poop is the rather contentious title but the product is very interesting

3. Girls Don’t Poop – Poo-Pourii

Chanel are running a wonderful series called ‘Inside Chanel’ – this latest episode is a wonderfully animated piece about the origins of Coco herself.

4. Coco – Inside Chanel

Finally this week,  a piece of cellular technology that could bring the Apple/Samsung/Nokia wars to an end.

5. Phonebloks

Seen anything good this week? Let us know on Twitter @spectrecom

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