Ah the humble parody video, its a quirk that not only props up the comedy world but also the video marketing world. It can be crude, it can be genius or just plain surreal.

We’re going to start with surreal this week as first up we have a small hedgehog doing its own version of Miley Cyrus’s much maligned video for ‘Wrecking Ball’

1. Wrecking Ball – Hedgehog Version

Sticking with the surreal, here’s a new Mercedes spot that uses a chicken to demonstrate their ‘Magic Body Control’

2. Magic Body Control “Chicken”

Next up its Batdad with his pitch perfect parody of Christian Bale’s humorless scowls as the caped crusader

3. Batdad РCompilation 

We gave a lot of love to Jimmy Fallon last week for his late night antics and he’s back again this week with #JustinTimberlake

4. #Hashtag

Lastly this week possibly the greatest piece of projection mapping ever made

5. Box: Projection Mapping

Did we leave any out? Let us know on Twitter @spectrecom

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