Another seven days elapsed, another viral video countdown. This week, our headline video is taking us beyond the limits of Mother Earth, as we rocket away on a universe-spanning adventure to end them all. Plus, we also have beavers, football and a printer.

So let’s start with the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer which was given its debut by Jimmy Kimmel. Starring Chris Pratt and the voices of Bradley Cooper (as a raccoon) and Vin Diesel (as a tree), this upcoming blockbuster from the Marvel stable is out in August.

Sticking with movies, and out soon is Son of God, which yes, as the title suggests, is a movie about Jesus. It’s just been given the Lego trailer treatment. Watch in wonder…

Another big screen classic is Rocky III, renowned for Mr T’s turn as Clubber Lang and also its theme tune, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. This dot matrix printer is certainly a fan of the song, as proved by this winning rendition.

Beavers! Who doesn’t love ‘em? Well, maybe the characters of forthcoming horror-spoof Zombeaver, which aims to do for the dam-building rodents what Jaws did for the shark and Grizzly II: The Predator did for the bear. Be warned, the trailer contains a modicum of gore and some very phoney-looking beavers.

And finally, after a big week of Champions League action, when comprehensive defeats for Manchester City and Arsenal left English football taking a long hard look at where it really deserves to rank within the global game… let’s relive that four-yard miss from Spurs striker Roberto Soldado against Dnipro last night.

Well, that’s it for another week. If you want to tell us which videos we missed, let us know via Twitter @spectrecom

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