Its been another glorious week in the world of viral videos and video marketing, with one dance phenomenon in particular taking centre stage: The Twerk.

Disney’s Miley Cyrus has been building up to ‘that moment’ all year with a spate of pictures, vines and music videos but it still managed to leave most people aghast. Particularly Hank and Marie from Breaking Bad who just can’t seem to keep their eyes off it. [Disclaimer – There are no spoilers in the following video]

1. Breaking Bad – Watching The VMAs

We’re going to keep the party going next with Julian Assange channeling his Aussie roots into his version of anthemic down-under singalong “You’re The Voice”

2. Julian Assange – You’re The Voice

Nike are pretty much the kings of video advertising and this latest bombastic effort is a typically brilliant.

3. Nike – Just Do It Possibilities

Fan of Channel 4 News? This guy has made a great deconstruction of the daily news waffle

4. Channel 4 News in 2″39″

Finally a little bit more dancing as the boys in blue have some fun at the Notting Hill Carnival

5. Police Dance Off – Notting Hill Carnival

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