Late Night shows in America often yield some of the best viral video offerings on YouTube, with Fallon, Kimmel and of course SNL leading the way.This week we’ve seen some stellar offerings from both of the Jimmys but Fallon takes the top spot this week following his glorious Game Of Thrones send up with “Joking Bad” – Look out for Bryan Cranston chucking some pizza BB fans.

1. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon – Joking Bad

More parody now with College Humor featuring a tech commercial you may have seen before…

2. Every Tech Commercial…Ever

Time for the other Jimmy and an at-home twerkfest goes wrong…or does it?

3. Jimmy Kimmel – Twerk Prank

GoDaddy have always had a penchant for the bizarre in their ads in this new clip featuring JCVD is certainly inkeeping with their style

4. GoDaddy – The Baker

And finall this week – Boris Johnson, just because…

5. Boris – Get Stuffed

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