We have a basketball laced edition of the viral video chart for you this week, with clips and video advertising utilizing two very different aspects of the much loved sport of the street and millionaire college grads.First up we have Guinness who have released a touching commercial with a nice twist about true friendship

1. Guinness – Wheelchair Basketball

Next up its an incredible world record making shot from 98m

2. 98m World Record Basketball Shot

They usually prefer football down in Brazil and with the World Cup coming up we can expect to see a lot of clips next summer. Here’s one that doesn’t exactly paint the inhabitants in a good light but is nonetheless utterly hilarious

3. Brazillian Robbery Gone Wrong

They had a lot of balls to remake Robocop [wink] and here’s the newest trailer. What do you think? We’re not so sure about it

4. Robocop – First Trailer

Finally here’s something a little bit strange for Rosh Hashanah – Its an all singing, all breakdancing version of ‘Get Lucky’

5. Get Clarity

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