Those of you who keep up with our video marketing blog will know that we’re big fans of the #mamming movement, so much so that we’re headlining it as our viral video of the week.

If you haven’t seen the clip, or some #mamming of your own, we suggest you get on board!

1. #Mamming

Next up is the recent winner of the Grand Prix at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV awards, featuring some beautiful shots and an amazing Nick Cave soundtrack.

2. Barossa – Be Consumed

Are you excited about the next Batman game? Well even if you’re not take a look at this wonderfully cut teaser.

3. Batman – Arkham Origins TV Spot

Don’t you hate it when you’re being chased by zombies and you pick the wrong car…battery.

4. The Getaway – Diehard Battery

To finish off this week, here’s a typically bombastic spot for the new Playstation 4.

5. Playstation: Perfect Day

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