Working at a humble video production agency, if only we ever came into contact with supernova movie stars such as Vin Diesel. His name might be as implausible as his mumbled performance style (actually, his real name’s Mark…), but against the odds, Vin has carved out quite the action-star niche for himself, recalling those legends of the video rental boom of the ‘80s and ‘90s – Van Damme! Lambert! Lundgren!

Vin stars in the umpteenth Fast and the Furious movie (numero six), which is due for release in the UK tomorrow (and features him giving what is perhaps the most blatant come-on for a threesome ever featured in a PG-13 flick), and the first full trailer for his other big film of 2013, Riddick, has just debuted via Machinima.

Riddick is Vin’s other signature character, along with F & F’s Dominic Toretto, having been played by the obelisk-headed mumbler twice previously: in 2000’s surprise hit Pitch Black, and less successfully in 2004’s Chronicles of Riddick, which came a bit of a cropper on an ill-advised $120million budget.

The more modestly-budgeted Riddick is apparently an attempt to return to the grittier roots of the series, and features the title character fighting for survival on a savage alien world, and facing off against other intergalactic tough guys, including one played by ex-WWE wrestler Batista (actually, his real name’s Dave…).

Like the prior movies in the series, the writer-director is David Twohy (who in a previous life wrote the original script for Waterworld, fact fans), and you can see Vin in action with his creepy-kid-from-Total-Eclipse-of-the-Heart-video eyes from 6 September when Riddick goes on global release. Here’s the trailer…

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