Sparked perhaps by the growing success of sites like Kickstarter, Vimeo are introducing a monetization and ‘pay-wall’ service to their site enabling directors and creators to either charge viewers to watch films or encourage donations with the new ‘Tip Jar’ widget.

Dae Mellencam, the president of Vimeo had this to say about the new tool:

“We’ve seen the success of crowdfunding.  We’ve seen people online and all over the world want to support good work.  I think there’s more and more willingness to pay for unique, creative, high-quality work and for people to want to support that.  And we think this is the time to offer it to creators who have great work and who want to put that on there and believe people will support them for it or support the work itself.”

This is great news for video creators who believe in the quality of their content but perhaps cannot get the views needed to actually make money from YouTube. We have already seen stand-ups like Louis CK utilize the pay-per view options on the Internet to great effect, we could be seeing a lot more revenue made from quality web series and films in the future thanks to this tool.

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