Plenty of our clients have had a poke around the Spectrecom production office and our Spectrecom Studios complex. But there are just as many who haven’t.

So what better suggestion then for a scintilla-sized slice of pre-weekend fun than a watch of both of our sparkling company tour videos?

Very little, that’s what.

The first of those seamless video extravaganzas takes in Spectrecom itself, offering a look inside our production setup, and also featuring some soaring aerials and footage of projects past. Admittedly some new faces have joined the team since it was launched, but the video still offers a great glimpse inside the business.

And second but by no means lesser is the tour of our old Waterloo Film Studios, hosted by our own Laura Merrett.

As the above blog advises, Spectrecom is a video production company with its own central London studios, just five minutes’ walk from Kennington Tube Station. Take a look at our sister studio website to find out more about our facilities and capabilities.

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