This week is Universities Week 2014, which aims to open up a national conversation about the relevance of university research and its impact on everyday lives. A noble objective and one that ties in perfectly with the four-part series of research films we’ve just produced for the University of Sussex.

Sussex is hugely respected for its research output, ranking amongst the Top 10 UK universities for research influence.

Given that impact at both national and international level, the university has been understandably keen to get its research success stories across to a wider audience. This has partly been done via written case studies on its website, and we have just committed four of those case studies to film.

Covering a broad range of topics, the films are united by the vision and innovation of the academics involved, not to mention the power and interest of the stories at their core.

Professor David Hendy’s film covers his pioneering efforts to enrich public appreciation of the role of sound in society, most notably through his acclaimed Radio 4 series, Noise: A Human History.

By exploring the state’s role in the development of corporations including Apple, Google and Tesla Motors, the research of Professor Mariana Mazzucato has proven influential with media commentators and politicians alike.

Professor Bobbie Farsides’ research into the ethics of organ donation has been acclaimed as a major contributing factor to the achievement of the 50% increase in donor rates targeted by the Organ Donation Taskforce in 2008.

Meningococcal meningitis is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa. Dr Konstantin Blyuss has been able to have a big impact on the treatment of the disease, through his work in mathematical modelling.

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