It’s January on Thursday, a development which invariably heralds large swathes of the population trying to whip themselves back into shape following the Xmas splurge. Some workplaces in the capital, however, are already a step ahead in the fitness game, thanks to their involvement with the London Healthy Workplace Charter – an initiative we’ve just produced three videos on behalf of.

The London Healthy Workplace Charter was established as part of the London 2012 legacy and offers a framework for employers of all sizes, supporting them in their efforts to deliver improved workplace health and wellbeing. The accomplishments of participating employers are recognised through an annual awards ceremony held at London’s City Hall.

And this year, just as they had in 2013, the awards’ organising body, the Greater London Authority, asked Spectrecom Films to create three short videos to play at the ceremony. These videos were divided by the type of employer, with one video covering small employers, one large employers and one local authorities.

The small employers featured were YMCA London South West, Kingston Voluntary Action and community interest company Balance…

The local authorities were the City of London and Brent, Harrow and Enfield Councils…

And as you’ll have seen from the video at the top of this post, the large employers were Lloyds of London, Kings College Hospital, Shell and the GLA itself. Thanks to all the companies and individuals who allowed us to film with them.

If you’re a public sector organisation with a video project you’d like to produce, we’d love to hear from you. Contact our Account Director Christiaan Harden on 0203 405 2274 or email

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