Forget stuffy classrooms and bone-dry lectures, the best educators are inspirational, effervescent and bursting with bright ideas. And just such a posse of academic superstars headline a new series of videos we’ve very recently produced.

The series was created on behalf of the British Council USA. Each video showcases one or two leading UK-based academics.

All the interviews with the academics were shot here at our film studios. Imaginative framing and creative editing helps ensure each video feels visually fresh and engaging.

Our film crew worked closely with the academics during shooting to draw the strongest sound-bites from them. And their words were brought to life by playful onscreen animations – making the viewer feel like they’ve been granted access to the febrile imagination of each academic.

The series was produced in order to promote the high quality and startling diversity of UK education to US students interested in coming to Britain to further their studies.

The series has been online for a month so far, picking up more than 40,000 views on YouTube. To see more of the films, click here.

If you’re interested in how to make the best use of video for student recruitment, you should have a word with Kathy or Oliver, our account managers for universities.

Contact Oliver Knight on 0203 405 2271 / or Kathy Bird on 0203 096 2866 /

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