It’s officially summer! Here’s our first weekly update with some of the most relevant video marketing news:

Facebook is looking to prioritize longer-form videos instead of the minute-long clips that dominate the news feed
The company wants people to spend more time on its platform and, as a result, is looking for video series with episodes that run anywhere between three and 30 minutes apiece. The videos would be placed in a feature described as a “spotlight module” and it would contain original series funded by Facebook as well as content financed by media partners that Facebook has exclusively licensed for a certain amount of time.

64% consumers purchase after watching branded social video content
The findings of “The State of Social Video 2017: Marketing in a Video First World” study also highlighted that 84% of U.S. adults are watching video on mobile devices and 56% of them are watching during the evening.

Google is taking a step back on 360-degree videos

Hoping that more creators and filmmakers can catch up with VR technology, Google is launching a new line of cameras for 180-degree videos. The new format has a few big advantages: it doesn’t need the same time-consuming stitching, you can put the crew behind the camera without them appearing in the shot (in full 360-degree videos, filmmakers often literally hide behind objects during a scene),  and it could push down file sizes, so viewers are less likely to get annoying buffering gaps while they’re streaming.

Brands should learn a thing or two about video strategy with two of the worlds’ biggest Youtube influencers
Reaching 10 million subscribers is not an easy task – digital creators Casper Lee and Joe Sugg talked about how being consistent, keeping your audience engaged, offering relevant content and using data helped them to have successful Youtube channels.

Youtube app dynamically adapts to different aspect ratios
YouTube says video will “dynamically adapt to whatever size you choose to watch it in,” so other aspect ratios will see an improvement as well (such as watching video on a 3:2 tablet). The update allows the app to better display vertical video, in the mini-player – meaning you can scroll down and view comments or related videos.

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