”Hold on,” we hear you cry. “Hasn’t video marketing been interactive for a while now?” Well. Yes. But this one still seems a novelty worth reporting on, as Dutch electronics firm Philips has delivered an interactive 16-bit-style game that simultaneously allows you to remix the soundtrack.

“Hold on,” we hear you cry. “Isn’t ad-land already as awash with 16-bit-style games as 19th century Montmartre was with venereal diseases?” Well. Yes. But we’re not quite bored of them yet, so Carolyn’s Outrun-by-way-of-Final Fight shtick works for us.

“Hold on,” we hear you cry. “Carolyn?” Yes, Carolyn is the title of the track by the Swiss Lips (it says here) which the game is paired with. And no, the objective of the game is NOT to find out how much of the song you can sit through without being driven to stick a poisoned dagger in your own aural canals.

Instead, you drive around a bit, with your gameplay choices affecting how the song plays – effectively allowing you to remix it. This video explains it all.

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