Just two weeks into 2013, and there already some very exciting new projects being toiled upon by the Spectrecom creative team. We’ll bring you details of those as soon as we’re allowed to, but this particular blogpost finds us looking backwards rather than forwards, as we revisit a video marketing campaign of ours from a year ago which has now powered its way to nearly 200,000 views.

The online video in question was made for luxury cruise firm Cunard, and details the refit work carried out on its Queen Mary 2 ship in late 2011. For that was when the thousand-foot-long, 148,000-ton leviathan of the waves arrived in Hamburg’s Blohm & Voss shipyard to receive an extensive makeover.

Having enjoyed a long working relationship with Cunard, Spectrecom was the video production agency enlisted to chronicle that transformative process. And so our very own Peter Ford and James Adair were duly dispatched to Germany to film a pair of refit video blogs – both of which were presented by Paul O’Loughlin, the Entertainment Director on Queen Mary 2.

Taken together, the two vlogs have to date been watched more than 220,000 times on YouTube. But it is the second, concluding vlog which has really grabbed viewers’ attention, with more than 197,000 views and counting, plus plenty of positive audience engagement too. So what’s the secret of its success?

Well, as ever, there are combined factors at play. Cunard is a company with a large, loyal customer-base, and it is adept as using video marketing to converse with that audience.

But the quality of the filming has undoubtedly also played a big part, with the mammoth monument to engineering that is the ship itself being shown off fantastically through beautiful images of the refurbished interior spaces and James’ expert time-lapse filming.

Watch the video blog for yourself below…

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