With Spectrecom a video production company still on its way up, we’re always interested in seeing how our Spectrecom Studios setup compares to some of the industry’s top hitters. Top hitters like Bad Robot, the production company operated by Lost creator J.J. Abrams, for whom a new behind-the-scenes video has just surfaced online.

Founded by Abrams and fellow producer Bryan Burk, Bad Robot has copious high-profile film and TV credits to its name, including Fringe, Super 8, and the most recent Star Trek and Mission: Impossible movies. It’s an industry leader both in terms of ideas and technical know-how, and the particular interesting thing said in the video from the Spectrecom point of view is the praise the BR staff lavish on the “total efficiency” of it operating in one facility.

As a video production agency with camera operators, editors, producers, directors, writers and visual effects artists all working in a single studio complex, we’re big advocates of the truly unified take on the production process, and the video (which was created by AV software company Avid and can be watched below) offers a ringing endorsement of that approach.


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