This one doesn’t strictly file under video, but it does tie into a perennial fascination of ours here on the Spectrecom Films blog – namely, prankvertising.

Having sat through ads like the Chucky bus stop attack, the Carrie coffee shop freak-out, the Dead Man Down attempted elevator murder, the French furniture store sniper, and the LG end of days special, the question always remains – what happens when prankvertising goes wrong?

Now, thanks to much-hyped action-adventure video game Watch Dogs and its publisher, Ubisoft (or one of its PR tentacles), we have an answer to that question.

The kerfuffle centred on a copy of Watch Dogs sent to Australian website Ninemsn. Nothing unusual there, you might think… except for the fact the copy of the game was sent inside a black safe which beeped when you tried to open it.

A journalist at the site apparently tried to look into the matter, rightly suspecting it was a PR stunt. But after being hung up on by a mystery caller and failing to find any other outlets to have received similar packages, the police were called.

The police then summoned the bomb squad, and the Ninemsn offices were evacuated, before the whole kerfuffle was identified as a false alarm. Ubisoft responded by apologising and noting that ‘the delivery to Ninemsn didn’t go as planned’.

A cautionary tale for any smart aleck marketers, maybe, but it also put us in mind of this golden oldie from the Spectrecom Films archives, which combines dogs and bomb detection…

Spectrecom Films has produced fantastic video content for games publishers – the most recent example being our film for Sega Amusements publicising its Plants vs. Zombies arcade cabinet. Click here to watch our take on the Plants vs. Zombies phenomenon.

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