While the World Cup itself is still a few days away, the video content seeking to piggyback off its global profile is already coming thick and fast.

Thick and fast is probably a pretty good description of your average international footballing superstar, and a whole host of the modern game’s big names have been corralled for an ambitious new spot for Samsung’s GALAXY smartphone.

Big names including Ronaldo, Messi, Falcao, Rooney and Rooney’s hair, all of whom are once again asked by a major brand to do the very thing they do worst: try and be even vaguely charismatic.

The video concerns some guff about a looming alien invasion, with the world’s best footballers being trained to use their skills so they can act as Earth’s protectors. Franz Beckenbauer even shows up as their very own Professor X-type mentor figure.

The end-result is lengthy, expensive and as impoverished of imagination as many of the modern Hollywood blockbusters it so shamelessly mimics (there’s a lot of TRON: Legacy in there, as well as a rip-off of The Avengers end-shot).

With this and Nike’s Risk Everything spot, the standard of advertising for this World Cup seems a cut below what we’re used to, with immense resources being put at the service of some pretty weak concepts.

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