Phil Molloy is a recent addition to the Spectrecom video production machine, joining us as our new Creative Director.

Folding himself into our in-house creative team, Phil works alongside fellow Creative Director and battle-hardened Spectrecom veteran Ben Kent, with those two idea-spouts reporting to our freshly installed Head of Creative, the sterling David Stell.

Prior to swinging into the Spectrecom video production jungle, Phil was most recently plying his creative trade for Turner and – would you believe it? – he’s just picked up a double-handful of prestigious awards for a pair of projects he worked on during his time with that august broadcasting organisation.

The awards both came in the Best Sponsorship category at PromaxBDA UK 2013, with Phil picking up Gold and Silver. It’s actually the third year in a row Phil has taken Gold in that field, identifying him as the Usain Bolt of sponsorship videos.

The Gold was for a series of Lego sponsorship idents he wrote, directed, produced, storyboarded and did some of the sound effects for. Animation was provided by Blue-Zoo.

Here’s what Phil had to say about his win when he was cornered in the office and pressed for a jovially upbeat, entirely uncontroversial quote: “I was absolutely chuffed to bits to pick up these awards and I’m looking forward to winning more awards for Spectrecom.”

Here are those award-winning idents, Lessons in the Force.

Take a look at some of the case studies of our more creative projects.

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