A provider of premier accommodation for city-livin’ students, urbanest has previously engaged the services of Spectrecom to deliver promotional videos extolling the virtues of its premises.

However our latest project for urbanest is an altogether more complicated creature, it being a fully interactive tour of urbanest’s Hoxton site, featuring sparkling photography, immersive 360-degree locations, and video tours provided by real-life residents.

Created in conjunction with marketing agency GHMC, the content for the tour was captured by a five-person Spectrecom crew: Ben Kent (director), Rob Jowers (producer), Dan Miles (camera operator), Rob Howells (sound) and James Adair (360-degree photography).

Requiring a lengthy stint of postproduction, much of that work was carried out by James, who reckons that making sure all the photography was absolutely spot-on was a particularly time-consuming aspect of the project: “Every single image you see is a composite of at least six pictures, and often many more.”

You can explore the tour by clicking here, and if you haven’t seen it yet, our recent video detailing urbanest’s latest build at King’s Cross is also well worth a look. Check it out below.

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