Here at Spectrecom, we regularly delve deep into the wonderful world of YouTube, in order to see what the latest developments are in our largest client sector – student recruitment.

What we’ve noticed recently is that universities seem to be taking far greater interest in putting out online video content that is A) more timely, and B) of genuine general interest, rather than being strictly ‘sales’-led.

And there’s one university in particular which has been riding the crest of this wave, that being the University of Leicester.

Doubtless you caught the recent hullabaloo in which a skeleton excavated from a Leicester car park turned out to be the mortal remains of Richard III. And with the University of Leicester having keenly involved in that major news story, its YouTube offering has received an attendant boost.

Moving swiftly and sharply, the University has put out nine videos on the topic of the Dicky Three dig, attracting nearly 200,000 views in the process. One of those videos has been watched more than 65,000 times, making it amongst the most popular videos put out by any UK university in the last few months.

Sharing space with the worms he may now no longer be, but Richard’s still proving a divisive figure, with arguments shooting back and forth over where he should be buried (York or Leicester), and what kind of funeral he should receive (Anglican, Catholic, or officiated by an Elvis impersonator).

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