Student and alumni testimony is a powerful component in many a university video marketing campaign. After all, a target audience of potential students is just as likely to be persuaded by the accounts of those who have been there and done it as they are by the smooth words of any silver-haired academics.

That’s a point which has clearly been understood and absorbed by British Columbia’s Royal Roads University, as its new video clearly demonstrates.

Entitled ‘Our Alumni Speak for Themselves’, the video is a gentle entry into the popular realm of ‘prankvertising’ – in other words, unleashing a surprise on unsuspecting members of the public and filming what happens.

In this instance, the surprise is actual Royal Roads alumna Morgan Westcott, who the BC public find themselves able to unexpectedly chat to via the marvellous medium of shopping mall advert.

Picking up 5,000 views in just a week, this is the video…

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