Humour is the easiest thing to put in a marketing video and also just about the hardest to get right. And in no sector is this truer than student recruitment, where the pressure to get key messages across can leave all attempts at comedy as compromised as a pantless palace guardsman.

One UK university which did make waves with comic video content a few years back was the University of Lincoln, with Lincoln student Tom Ridgewell unleashing an unofficial zombie apocalypse upon his place of study.

But despite attracting more YouTube views than an Ibrahimovic best goals compilation, that video landed Tom in a spot of bother with the powers-that-be at Lincoln – only for the University to later officially commission him to produce an animated clearing ad on its behalf.

Taking its cue from that later Lincoln clip, the University of Ulster has just served up a new video which is altogether more irreverent than we’ve come to expect from the student recruitment field.

Entitled ‘You Ask?’, the video shows off the varied lifestyle available to students at Ulster, but does so in genuinely smirk-inducing manner. Nicely scripted, simply shot and with a central performer who nails his lines, the video is also all over and out before it outstays its welcome.

‘You Ask?’ has picked up 10,000 views in under a month, already making it by far the most-viewed YouTube video on Ulster’s channel.

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