Online video marketing has many, many uses – from informing the population about the true value of zinc, to warning of the perils of vapour lock, and everything in-between.

One of those in-between uses is convincing the fine young folks of Toronto that passing information to the police WON’T result in them entering a world of pain – a point made in a new pair of off-the-wall animated videos.

Produced on behalf of Toronto Crime Stoppers, the animations both depict outlandish scenarios of how each tip passed to police is rendered completely untraceable.

Involving defecating pachyderms and butchered bears, the ads are fairly OTT, if delivered in smart enough fashion.

Here’s ‘Fire-elephant-pumpkin-zombies-bomb-ninjas-button’…

And this is ‘Alien-bear-chef-steamroller-catapult-blackhole’…

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