If you create and share your own videos on YouTube, then you’ve already taken the first step in putting your face out there.

But there’s another way to put your best face forward: Craft your channel page. Aside from the obvious “keep updating your feed” mantra, here are the top three things you should do to maintain interest in your audience. And don’t forget that we at Spectrecom offer expert advice in all aspects of video marketing once we complete a video for you.


1. Make beautiful channel art.

Again, it’s important to consider where your content will be seen other than your channel page. Or in this case, how it will be seen. You’ll have viewers on desktops, tablets, laptops, phones, televisions and whatever new format comes out next week. That means you need to optimize your image to look great on every platform.

When you’re drafting the art, try to give the viewer something to connect to beyond a brand or a logo. If you want to throw your pretty face in there, do so. YouTube lists GoPro and Epic Meal Time as well-designed channel pages.


2. Post a great channel trailer.

As soon as visitors land on your page, you want to hook them. A channel trailer is a great way to do it. You’ll want something brief, attention-grabbing and representative of the kind of content you post. Don’t tell people what you do — show them.

As the first piece of content some will see, the trailer is also a good place to plant the seed for subscribing. Get a quick line in there asking viewers to hit “subscribe.” But do it subtly.


3. Optimize your channel name and description.

Remember that your channel name and description won’t just appear on your homepage. Your channel will appear in searches and suggested channel categories across YouTube, so make sure it’s appealing. Note that your channel name isn’t the same as your URL; you can change the former without affecting the latter.

As you write your channel description, it’s good to think about how it will appear across the site and around the web. You’ll need a description that highlights your most important content right up front.

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