If you’ve an interest in a slightly more… galactic strain of video production, you’ll probably be aware that this weekend is the Sci-Fi London 48-Hour Film Challenge. But did you know that teams comprised of Spectrecom filmmakers have placed in the competition’s top 20 not once but three times?

With past winners including Gareth Edwards (‘Godzilla’) and judges including Edgar Wright, John Landis and Danny Boyle, the pedigree of the 48-Hour Film Challenge is as strong as a bodybuilding-addicted bison.

Hundreds of teams take part every year, meaning the contest has become something of a clarion call for talented filmmakers eager to create free of any restrictions (aside, that is, from access to actors, locations and budget).

Spectrecom is, of course, home to filmmakers of just such character and temperament – meaning it’s no surprise they’ve been able to make such an impact in the competition.

The most recent Spectrecom-spawned team to leap into the Sci-Fi 48-Hour top 20 consisted of Alex Kerr, Matt Farman, Matt O’Brien, Arthur Briggs, Ionut Apetroae and Blake Dixon.

Their film, ’16 Minutes Ago’, is a truly gorgeous creature, and it was a hit with the judges just last year.

Go back two years further to 2012, and a team of then-Spectrecommers and still-Spectrecommers (as well as a few never-Spectrecommers) wound up in the top 10 with their conspiracy thriller ‘Rising Tide’.

Of those to lend their talents to that mini-epic who are still here with us, we’re proud to count Laurentiu Maria, Ionut Apetroae and Rob Jowers.

And while we’re wallowing in the swamp of nostalgia, let’s rewind 12 months further still, to 2011, when ‘2 Years of Summer’ made the Sci-Fi 48-Hour top 10. Laurentiu and Peter Ford are our continuing links back to that dystopian saga.

Good luck to all those taking part on the 48-Hour Film Challenge this weekend. Have a blast… and may the force be with you.

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