Video marketing is constantly evolving, and we within this circle are now faced with a oodles of new tools, technologies and platforms which, for us, mean the same thing – change. And now that 2013 is well and truly under way perhaps it is a good idea to mark the top five trends that we can expect over the coming twelve months.

Agencies Embrace Technology
Code is the language of the internet, the building blocks upon which every good video agency depends. Agencies and marketers will simply have to understand things like this, the “under the hood” dynamics, as the level of complexity required to embed videos within ever evolving digital ecosystems becomes ever greater. An example of this would be our own Olympic idents for the times, which were so versatile under the hood that they allowed for an array of usage options, ranging from playback on The Times’ own website to airing on Sky Digital nationwide.

The Convergence of Offline and Online Media
There is currently a lot of debate over the connection between the digital and physical, and if you want to stand out then your company needs to be part of the conversation. Companies need to tie offline events to online engagement to measure the impact of these cross-channel campaigns. Being relevant to your customer in every context improves your brand’s awareness, and engagement will ultimately lead to more customers. Customers no longer have offline or online experiences; they simply have a brand experience. How can you utilise video in this multifarious way? Our own offline DVD Showcase for Saga Sapphire was versatile enough to be broken up into individual ‘construction blogs’ which have formed a staple part of Saga’s web video marketing presence online.


Seamless Websites
User interaction is becoming a major part of every website, and ease of use is at its core. This will become even more prevalent as time goes on, and services that offer the most seamless website experience will prevail. We ourselves recently tackled this issue for 2013 by way of a total refurbishment of our own video production website, and to create a cohesive experience we revamped our overview film along with it. Is your video content simply dumped on the website, or is it an irreparable and harmonious part of it? Take a look at our own and see how yours matches up…

Rise of Creative Content Creation
Content marketing is becoming the core of every new initiative for B2B marketing as well as B2C. As the year progresses, no matter how traditional or comparatively small your business, creativity and proper syndication will become key in disseminating your video production content from that of your competitor. Find the right video marketing agency for you, because if they can’t offer a true end-to-end service then your content may be left behind in 2013. Our own marketing solution for Party Genies have gone from strength to strength, through using creative content to visually illustrate how special an everyday product can be…


Marketers Become Nerds

The growth of digital data will be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009. That volume of data production is pretty overwhelming for those who aren’t smart about how they use that knowledge. Attributing revenue to the correct marketing video will become increasingly important as the amount of digital data that you produce grows. Do you have such expertise in-house? Why not create a video that showcases this talent. Check out our own web marketing guru here.

So, that’s how we see the year unfolding. But what do you think?


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