With high competition for attention online, a solid strategy needs to be set in place before starting any marketing campaign. To captivate your target audience within budget, you need a strategic approach to content production and a perfect mix of organic and paid presence online. Alone, they are powerful. But together, they are unstoppable.


If you might think that your services and/or products don’t have enough glitz and glamour to lend themselves well to an entertaining video marketing campaign, we can definitely find ways to produce content that will attract new traffic and customers.

We worked with Elliotts, Hampshire’s leading independent builders merchant, on their 175th-anniversary campaign. Initially, we produced 3 mains films to be published online on their social media platforms.

Due to the positive organic numbers, we worked closely with their marketing team and developed a content calendar repurposing content from those 3 main films.
The final delivery included more than 100 assets (social edits, memes, stills, GIFs) that they were able to use throughout the year. To support the reach of this content, we also managed a paid media campaign to increase awareness and get audience insights.
Here’s are the steps we took for delivering this award-winning campaign:

1. Begin with a compelling organic presence

Experimenting with content organically allows you to have a pulse on what your audience wants to engage with. Plus, the greater the organic reach, the more it can amplify paid efforts and the more it will ensure that our client’s investment would be spent effectively.

2.Working Smarter, Not Harder

That’s where repurposing content comes in. Rather than creating something new each time, you can fix up old content in order to use it – or some aspect of it – again. It’s also a great way to rinse through your content marketing budget very quickly. The benefits of repurposing content are many. In addition to saving you time and resources, repurposing old content can also help you generate more traffic and engagement.

3. Measure, learn and optimise to drive more impact

Create tailored content to understand your audience better. Then, compare different pages to learn which kinds resonate with different demographics. Use what you learn about your website visitors to target the people who are most likely to become qualified.

And the results were…



100% Ad Watch Rate


Click-Through Rate

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