A week-and-a-bit ago, this blog presented you, el lucky reader, with a potted guide to some of the best prank virals to infest this ‘ere internet thingy in the last year. But so fast are these audience-snaring gems being cranked out, particularly by our continental chums, that we’re bringing you two more today.

Ah, the Eurozone! It might be taking one hell of a buffering from the markets in the wake of the non-result of the Italian election, but that miasma of economic uncertainty is having no detrimental effect on the continent’s capacity for cranking out blockbuster nuggets of video marketing tomfoolery.

And why would it? Eh? Let’s leave that thread dangling right there, and move on to the films themselves. First is one courtesy of Febelfin, the fabulously named federation of Belgian banks.

Starring Dave the mind-reader, the spot is all about prompting people to think a bit harder before they spew their entire day-to-day existence out onto social networks, lest those pesky cyber-crooks take advantage. Here ‘tis…

That’s picked up 8.5million YouTube views since autumn last year, but even an even smarter example of trickster video marketing comes from Heineken. Rival drinks giant Carlsberg previously chalked up more than 12m views with its ‘Biker Cinema’ video, but Heineken’s ‘The Candidate’ is well on its way to matching that.

Launched just nine days ago, it’s already crossed the 2m mark on YouTube; viewers are clearly responding with huge enthusiasm to its chronicle of how unsuspecting candidates for an internship at Heineken were put through their paces by a mercurial boss. Check. It. Out.

All these viral pranks are about creative invention and ambition, with the ballsiness of the setup being a big part of what hooks in such substantial audiences.

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