Hardly a revelation to note that graduation day is a very special occasion for students and their parents alike. But have you ever considered that the graduation ceremony also offers you a unique opportunity to use video to really cement the ‘brand loyalty’ those students and parents feel towards your institution – and deliver a great return-on-investment in the process?

Spectrecom has produced numerous graduation films in the past, with the content of those being exactly as they sound: filmed records of joyous students collecting their degrees, dotted with reactions from those who were there on the day to celebrate their achievements.

However we recently created a different kind of graduation film for one of our university clients. Designed to be screened at a special graduation ceremony staged overseas for international students, the film used a stirring soundtrack, stylish onscreen graphics and evocative footage to paint a picture for parents and supporters of where those students had spent their last three years.

Now graduation might not seem the best occasion to be unveiling a new film, given that the audience are about to exit your university and enter the next phase of their lives. However, the reality is it offers a perfect final opportunity to evoke the memories which will inspire loyalty as students become alumni, and influence parents as they advise their other children, relations and friends on where to study.

Such a film can be produced very cost-effectively, as archive footage can be utilised, with only a relatively small amount of additional filming required. And as well as positively influencing potential students and engendering support for future alumni fundraising and activities, the film can also be subsequently used online and included as part of any graduation DVD retailed to parents.

It really can be a fantastic marketing tool, but if you need an example of a rousing student montage then take a look at our higher education showreel below…

If you’re interested in creating a powerful, show-stopping film for your next graduation ceremony, then get in contact with Spectrecom to find out more about what we have to offer. 

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