We love a good movie reference in a quality viral and this cute ad from Wrigley’s for their mints is no exception with the male character going all Iceman on us in the last reveal, complete with that cocky bite move that got Maverick’s blood boiling in the classic Tony Scott (RIP) movie.

The ad is due to run in Australia and New Zealand but has already picked up a decent amount of views on an unofficial YouTube upload which bodes well for a series that could arise from this scenario.

The fast paced and extremely short attention spanned nature of the internet means that creating a series of films for any given campaign is always the best way to go. Releasing them intermittently and finding out which one your audience responds best to is a great way to guarantee yourself an audience.

If you can afford to take the somewhat “scatter-gun” technique approach to viral videos as with brands such as Old Spice it is important to have a strong central character or theme to return to, for every viral that doesn’t quite work for Old Spice they always have Terry Crews or Isiah Mustapha to fall back on.

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