Producing online video content on behalf of universities can provide terrific opportunities for getting important messages across in a genuinely creative way (witness the Spectrecom-produced film for Bournemouth’s Archaeology department). But there can also be roadblocks to loosing that creativity.

One of the most common challenges is that videos produced for university clients are often charged with conveying a broad array of messages, in order to appeal to a large number of different audience segments – from prospective students themselves, to their parents and other advisers, and beyond.

Credit then to Swansea University, which has just produced a new film that while not without its flaws, makes terrific use of varied locations and imaginative shooting to breathe fresh life into some of those perennial student recruitment messages.

Pitched at international prospects, the perhaps less-than cunningly titled ‘Study at Swansea University’ is built from an entirely student-centric perspective – the film correctly acknowledging that this kind of peer-to-peer endorsement exerts the most persuasive sway over potential students.

Touching on all the expected topics (facilities, societies, access to tutors, safe environment, etc.), where the film really brings home the bacon is in its visual presentation.

Yes, it’s attractively shot throughout, but it’s the sheer variety of material that impresses. In its four minute runtime, there’s crab fishing, a 1000mph car being tested, and lacrosse and kayaking shot with GoPro camera to put viewers right in the heart of the sporting action.

Which is not even to mention the glorious natural beauty of the Welsh locale, brought brilliantly to life by some show-stopping aerial shots (seemingly captured using the same type of unmanned aerial filming which Spectrecom has recently been exploring, and can be seen in our overview film for Newman University).

Of course, the entire point of injecting creativity into any film is to attract a broader audience to the content you make. And on that count the Swansea film has got off to a great start with more than 5,000 views in a fortnight; it’s within a whisker of becoming the most-viewed film on Swansea’s international YouTube channel.

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