Universities is one of the sectors which most regularly calls on the video production talents of Spectrecom. Given that, today is as good a day as any to catch up with a trio of recent success from that sector.

Three months ago, we delivered a research series of behalf of Queen Mary University of London. Delving into some of its most cutting edge research projects, one topic covered was a device for harvesting energy from sonic vibrations.

Starring the device’s creator, Dr Steve Dunn, the film’s already been seen nearly 7,000 times.

We’ve produced a plethora of video content on behalf of Keele University in the last six months, and one of those videos focuses on the green expanses of the University’s campus.

Shot and edited with energy, verve and sunny fun, the video’s been seen more than 8,000 times.

And last but not least, we were asked to make something a bit different on behalf of Durham University – something eye-catching and attention-grabbing, in order to make prospective students sit up and take notice.

The resulting film was entitled An Experience Like No Other, and it’s picked up more than 20,000 YouTube views since September.

Spectrecom is a market leader in UK student recruitment filmmaking. We’ve worked with more than 30 universities including Durham, Newcastle, King’s College, Lancaster and Sussex. Take a look at our Universities page to find out more.

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