With product placement pretty rampant in films these days, it’s scarcely cause to raise an eyebrow when an ad is released which ties in with a major new movie.

What is out of the ordinary, however, is for ad to arrive before so much as a single frame has been shot on the movie itself – which is just what’s happened with the new Subaru commercial.

Advertising the Subaru Forester, the ad ties in with Attack on Titan, a manga and anime sensation which is being turned into a live-action film this year, ahead of a 2015 release date.

Set in the future, Attack on Titan chronicles a world where the remaining vestiges of humanity reside behind towering walls, built to keep out menacing giants.

Those menacing giants loom suitably large in the Subaru commercial, which is directed by Shinji Higuchi, the man who will also call the shots on the full-blown Titan film.

And the tie-in clip has already proved a hit, at least in terms of reaching a wide audience, with other 5million views in just three days.

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