When you get down to it, video production is really about just two things: concept and execution.

Regards the latter, execution is often thought of as mainly pertaining to the technical side of the filmmaking coin, particularly in the field of student recruitment videos. After all, if you’ve got your angles, lighting and the rest covered then the contributors will take care of themselves, right?

Er, maybe. But equally maybe not.

At Spectrecom, we’re huge advocates of casting real-life students, academics and staff in the video marketing we make for our higher education clients. These are the people with the greatest knowledge of a university, and you can normally spot a professional actor a mile off anyway, giving the whole endeavour a ring of untruth which will likely prove disastrous with the target audience.

However while contributors drawn from the university’s populace will often surprise you with the quality and passion of their performances, vital to drawing those qualities out of them is the presence and attention of an experienced film crew to put them at their ease.

Here’re a couple of recent university films where a strong concept and technical delivery are undeniably undermined by the nerves and/or half-heartedness of some of the contributors.

From Heriot-Watt University…

And from UWE Bristol…

Spectrecom has created videos for more than 30 universities. Take a look at our education marketing page to see our student recruitment showreel and find out more.

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