Here at Spectrecom Films, we pride ourselves in giving the best not only to our clients, but also to those who want to learn more about what we do and the industry we work in. With a spectacular range of filmmakers, producers, editors and other staff members, there is no telling the amount of knowledge that can be gained from spending time within the walls of Spectrecom.

This past January, our office welcomed Caroline Sauer, a university student from America completing her studies in English and Media Production. In order to fulfil her majors’ internship requirements, she wanted to work somewhere that would coincide with her employment interests after university as well as in a new country. So, she packed her bags and came to work in London with us for the spring of 2017.

As her time with us rapidly approaches its end, we asked her to take a moment and reflect on the months she has spent here and to share how Spectrecom has changed her perspective on the industry and her career goals.

“I really didn’t know what to expect the first day I walked into Spectrecom Films, but my interning experience has been an incredible and eye-opening journey. While I started out with a mixture of excitement and nervousness, I am so fortunate to have been placed in such a welcoming and talented community.”

On Set

“Everyday, there has been something new to see and do. The jobs I’ve done over the past three months have been hands-on and huge learning experiences, which are just a few aspects of why I loved interning here.”

“I have also been able to see and participate in so many different activities around the production office and studios, giving me a varied, yet solid, foundation for what working in an all-inclusive production studio is like.”

“While I started out working with the creative team on a variety of research projects and proposal ideas, I have also had the opportunity to work with the producers, post-production and digital media teams, ranging from being a runner on set to sitting in on editing projects.”

“My time at Spectrecom has really helped me figure out what I love about film and video production and has helped me focus in on the kind of work I want to go into after university. I feel extremely confident in the skills I have gained and am excited to take them back and develop them further during my last year at university.”

“Working at Spectrecom Films has been an unforgettable opportunity and everything I have experienced will be extremely useful in terms of planning my future steps and achieving my career goals.”


About the author

Caroline Sauer

Caroline Sauer

Spring Intern 2017

Caroline Sauer is a junior intern working with Spectrecom Films for the spring of 2017. She studies English and Digital Media Communication in Tallahassee, Florida and will be graduating from university in 2018.



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