One of the video production services offered by Spectrecom is aerial filming. Indeed, our cameras have been sent sky-high on behalf of a whole host of clients, including Durham University, the University of Sussex, Saga Holidays and the Royal Opera House.

Even our own homepage film incorporates some sweeping aerial shots of London.

However, in the past, aerial filming for Spectrecom has always involved the full helicopter-with-mounted-camera treatment… until yesterday.

On location at one of our long-term clients, Newman University, our Director of Production, Steve Milton, was working in tandem with Ben Sheppard and Mike Bishop of Spider Unmanned Aerial Operations, a new video company which offers aerial filming through use of its robot drones.

Those drones provide greatly increased manoeuvrability compared to a helicopter, and they also allow the camera to get far closer to the subject. Flying restrictions mean that a chopper is unlikely to get below 1,000ft over an urban area, but Spider’s unmanned drones are small enough that they can even shoot indoors – as they did yesterday at Newman.

The feedback from the shoot is that everyone was delighted with how the footage was looking. Here’s a clip which provides a sneak preview…

To see more of our aerial filming work and to also see what other video production services we offer, take a look at our specialist services page

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