No doubt you’re aware there are well over 100 universities in these fair yet oft rain-tickled isles of ours. What you might not know is that Spectrecom has worked with more than 30 of those universities, creating films on their behalf that break new ground and reach fresh audiences.

In just the last few months, we’ve produced a whole host of new projects for universities up and down the country. These are just a few of our favourites…

1. Bournemouth University
Time travel! Is there any more exciting combination of ‘t’ words in the English language?

Now, admittedly it’s not often you see a university film about excursions in non-linear chronology, but that is precisely what we’ve just delivered for Bournemouth University’s Archaeology and Anthropology department.

Entitled Uncover the Possibilities, the film sees undergrad Sam Jenkins learning that an archaeological dig can offer a window to more than the past. To say anything else would threaten to give the game away, so watch for yourself and marvel.

Given the originality of the film, the whole Spectrecom team is very excited to see how it performs online over the coming months. However, it’s got off to a good start: in a couple of weeks, it’s just shy of its first thousand views.

2. The University of Aberdeen – Personalised Film
Last summer, an intrepid Spectrecom crew of Peter Ford, Matt Farman and Kieran Hodges journeyed to Aberdeen and captured the sparkling footage which went into the University of Aberdeen’s super-successful overview film. But while Peter, Matt and Kieran were north of the border, they also shot a second, very special project on behalf of the University.

The result was something genuinely out of the ordinary in terms of UK university online video, as we worked with Aberdeen and a specialist interactivity partner to deliver a novel and highly involving personalised experience for viewers.

Click here to not only watch the film, but also take on a starring role!

3. University of Bedfordshire
This year has already seen some very happy collaborations between the University of Bedfordshire and Spectrecom, with our first team-up, on the film Where Will You Study?, delivering great results.

That positive experience led to us creating a 30-second scripted cinema ad on behalf of Bedfordshire, which was launched in April under the title Begin, Build, Believe.

And when 2013 shifted into university clearing season a couple of weeks ago, BBB (as it’s affectionately known within these walls) was just repurposed as a TV and online ad, letting prospective students know that places are still available.

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