Spectrecom is a video production company that believes in giving opportunities where we can to those looking to gain valuable industry experience.

Our most recent work experience recipient is Jamie-Lee Carr, a Media Production (TV & Radio) student at the University of Sunderland, who’s been with us for the last two weeks.

And with Jamie’s placement drawing towards a close, we thought we’d find out what she’s made of the whole experience.

“I decided to apply for work experience at Spectrecom because I was in my final year of university and wanted to see firsthand what the industry is like.”

“I saw a post on a Facebook runners group from someone saying they’d had a great time here and people should apply – so I did!”

“During my time at Spectrecom I’ve worked with the TV development team, helping to come up with ideas. I’ve been taught how to write up proposals for commissioning pitches, as well as helping out with research.”

“I’ve been taught about the whole process of development – from looking at a brief, coming up with an idea, and seeing what other shows are around.”

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my whole time here, but my highlight was seeing a studio shoot for a bingo advert and getting to be an extra in that. I also had fun when we’ve sat and discussed TV show ideas, allowing us to develop them further.”

“My time here has helped with my future plans. Before I didn’t fully understand what direction I was going to try and go in. But Spectrecom has helped me understand what types of roles are available in TV, and I now want to pursue a job in development.”

“My work experience has been so useful and has been two of the most enjoyable weeks of my life. I feel a lot more prepared for work in the industry and would definitely recommend anyone to apply.”

If you’re interested in the opportunity to do work experience with Spectrecom – or indeed any other job opportunities we currently have available – visit our Work With Us page.

And if you want to find out more about our full roster of Corporate Responsibility activities, then take a look at our CSR page.

About the author

Jamie-Lee Carr

Jamie-Lee Carr

Production Assistant

Jamie is our production assistant at Spectrecom Films. She started her career with us on a two week work experience placement, and was quickly asked to return for a permanently position shortly after.



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