CSR is a core priority for Spectrecom. A big part of that is giving opportunities to those seeking to begin their careers in video production, via a two-week spell of work experience.

More than a few of the much-loved faces round the Spectrecom offices began their illustrious association with the company through a work experience placement – Alex Kerr, Arthur Briggs, Hanz MacDonald, Zabih Safdari, Kate Bromley and Liam Howes, to name but a half-dozen.

One of our more recent placements was Helen Jones, a student at the University of the Arts (LCC), studying BA (Hons) Live Events and Television Production.

We caught up with Helen in the wake of her stint with Spectrecom, so she could offer some insight about what to expect from work experience with us…

Spectrecom: Why did you decide to apply for work experience at Spectrecom?

Helen Jones: I applied for work experience at Spectrecom due to the wide range of opportunities I knew it could give me. I already knew they had their own production office and editing suites, as well as two studios (and there’s a third in the making).

S: What did your work experience with Spectrecom entail?

HJ: I observed the daily routine of a producer, learning about risk assessments, call sheets, filming permissions, and how they communicate with clients to organise the perfect shoot. I got to go on a shoot for Laylla (Azarbyjani, Production Assistant), and I covered reception and the Studio Manager’s desk while they were on leave. I also asked them a lot of questions about the studio!

I observed some edits as they were being worked on, and I also got to do a bit of editing myself and fill out some call sheets. Throughout my time at Spectrecom, I was able to ask all the employees questions about their jobs and anything I specifically wanted to learn.

S: Which aspect did you enjoy the most?

HJ: I enjoyed the shoot the most, along with getting to watch the producers at work.

Film Production Work Experience

The film shoot taught me so much about the set-up of the equipment, and gave me the chance to see how filming against green screen works. I was lucky enough to work alongside Peter (Ford, Head of Photography) who was very informative about the different lighting techniques used with green screen filming to aid the post-production process.

I also really enjoyed doing a voiceover for Clemence (Bartram, producer), as it was both a very new and very funny experience for me.

S: Has your time at Spectrecom influenced your future career plans at all?

HJ: After my two weeks at Spectrecom, I’ve learnt more about the role of a producer and the different methods they use to complete their tasks. If I pursue a career in producing, I’ll now feel prepared and confident, as I learnt from a very hard-working team.

I also learnt a lot about the studios – from selling studio space to equipment management – which will be beneficial too. And I finally got to learn editing at Spectrecom! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but not had the opportunity, so I was very grateful to Laylla for making it happen.

S: Would you recommend work experience at Spectrecom?

HJ: Yes, I would – because as soon as I met Laylla and told her the areas I was interested in, she did everything she could to make sure I was able to experience and observe them.

I had a great two weeks, and felt like part of the team as everyone was very welcoming and lovely to be around. I’d like to say a huge thank you to the Spectrecom team for helping me further my knowledge.

If you’re interested in the opportunity to do work experience with Spectrecom – or indeed any other job opportunities we currently have available – visit our Work With Us page.

And if you want to find out more about our full roster of Corporate Responsibility activities, then take a look at our CSR page.

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