Many different qualities combine to make Spectrecom the video production agency it is. The post-production alchemy of Blake Dixon. The organisational expertise of Rob Jowers. The unsurpassable Liam Howesness of Liam Howes. Oh, and more often than not, the presence of some eager young upstart, here as part of our work experience programme.

Spectrecom provides work experience opportunities because we believe in giving people who are interested in pursuing a career in video production a taste of what such a career might be like.

One of our most recent recipients was student Ed Harris, who was kind enough to take the time to share some of his experiences during his two weeks here. Take it away, Ed…

“I first worked with Spectrecom in 2012 when I shadowed one of their crews on a location shoot at Newman University, which is close to where I was living at the time. I was very impressed with the skill of the crew, and I learned a lot.”

“It must have made an impression on me as when it came round to me needing a work placement for university, Spectrecom was my first choice. I am currently studying Film Production in London so I was delighted Spectrecom accepted me into their ranks, albeit for a brief period of time.”

“I was hoping my second stint with Spectrecom would be as equally informative and interesting as the first, and I was far from disappointed.”

“I got fantastic opportunities to sit in on shoots in their studio. I got to work extremely closely with the crew members on these occasions, and I picked up skills relating to camera work, setting up and also using professional equipment.”

Ed Harris Work Experience

“As anyone studying film should understand, you can’t be taught to make a great film through a syllabus or different modules. The best way to ‘learn’ film is by picking up skills and knowledge.”

“Spectrecom was a brilliant environment to do this, and I really did learn a great deal by observing and helping the crew in a friendly, approachable atmosphere.”

“Working at Spectrecom for two short weeks has only made me more eager to break into the industry. It has shown me how varied the different roles are in the studio business, and also how close-knit the team needs to be.”

“I would highly recommend applying for a placement with Spectrecom if you’re looking to learn more about the film industry – be it the production side of things or the nitty gritty of lighting setups and rigging.”

“Having all stages of the filmmaking process under one roof gives Spectrecom an almost unique way of working, where you can see a brief come in from a client and be turned from that brief into a finely crafted finished piece, all in the same building.”

Thanks, Ed – and if you’re interested in the opportunity to do work experience with Spectrecom (or indeed any other job opportunities we currently have available), visit our Work With Us page.

And if you want to find out more about our full roster of Corporate Responsibility activities, then take a look at our CSR page.

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