Detroit might have been able to boast the MC5, but here at Spectrecom Films, we’re proud to have the MC3 – three members of the team who, last Friday, hit the streets to collect for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Organised by Marie Curie, the Great Daffodil Appeal happens every March, with thousands of collectors up and down the country donning yellow hat and tabard.

It’s a fundraising extravaganza we know plenty about here at Spectrecom, as we produced a number of videos earlier this year on behalf of Marie Curie, offering tips and support to those going out collecting.

During the filming of that project, some of the crew mentioned they’d be keen to take part in this year’s appeal, and sure enough, last Friday morning saw our very own Sophie Lee, Kathy Bird and James Adair taking to the streets outside Bank station, to raise money for this great cause.

Marie Curie 3

Marie Curie 4

The trio collected for over two hours, although they won’t find out how much they raised till Marie Curie count it all up. But with anecdotal nuggets such as Sophie having a fiver thrown at her from the window of a passing Range Rover, everyone in the office is confidently predicting a bumper total. We’ll keep you posted…

To find out more about some of the community projects we’ve been involved in and Spectrecom Films’ corporate social responsibility policy in general, take a look at our CSR page.

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