This week saw the release of SPECTRE, the latest James Bond film. SPECTRECOM categorically denies any connection between ourselves and the highly secretive criminal organisation of the film’s title, and we would stress that we are not a front for SPECTRE’s website.

It is true that we do have operatives working around the world (China, Africa and Portugal this month), we do occasionally blow things up, and our corporate plan hints at global domination.

It is also fair to say that we are experts in our field and we do not tolerate failure under any circumstances. But we don’t (sadly) have a secret hideaway with convenient shark pools or laser beams, and we don’t go around killing people. And we don’t own a white fluffy cat either.

In reality, there is only a tenuous connection between Spectrecom and the Bond franchise. Some time ago we met up with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli who was kind enough to sponsor a film category for the First Light Movie Awards which was won by one of our disabled trainees.

And more recently, we’re proud that our studio manager of 7 years, Jonny Franklin, went on to work on leading British feature films. And this year Jonny’s work included working on the London location shoots for…. SPECTRE.

Given that our company name does seem oddly similar to the new film, we thought it only appropriate to celebrate with our very own Bond spectacle last Friday when a little sprinkling of 007 heaven reached the 250 people partying at our film studios in Kennington. Vodka Martini’s all round, James!

Dani-Hayley production

About the author

Andrew Greener

Andrew Greener

Managing Director

Andrew set up Spectrecom Films in 1993. He is an award-winning director, and has many many years experience in the film industry. He has an invested interest in corporate and social responsibility, ensuring the company is as green as green can be.



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