As you might expect from a video production agency, the Spectrecom team are all fair fixated with film outside the confines of the office, with someone or other always beavering away on a personal project. And just one such project got a public airing yesterday, as Walkaway, a short film produced by our very own Robert Howells, screened at a London film night.

The story of Walkaway revolves around a tough goodbye between two lovers, with the surrounding circumstances becoming more and more beguiling as the drama plays out.

It was written and directed by Roger Francis Cook, with Rob acting as one of the producers, and it screened last night as part of Re:Vault, a short film night staged at the Kick Bar in Shoreditch.

Here’s the teaser trailer…

Rob, whose role in our merry band of video production mutineers is as creative scriptwriter, had this to say about the finished film…

“Working on Walkaway was a pleasure. Though Roger and I enjoyed a shared first-time experience in our respective roles, I am more than a little glad to say that he took to his with far greater zest than I, and his remarkably deft direction carries the film.”

Walkaway screens on Black Flag TV tomorrow at 11pm EST, and be sure to keep an eye out for it at film nights and festivals over the coming months.

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