For most, an IVCA Silver award for Best Documentary would be more than reason enough for a prolonged bout of glory-wallowing. But not Spectrecom director-editor Richard Butterworth. Oh no.
Case in point: having scarcely had time enough to recover from the post-IVCAs hangover (the party was a fortnight ago), Rich has already launched his latest personal documentary project.

Entitled Behold the Mooncalf, the new film offers an artisan’s-eye view of home-brewing, showing the skill and effort that Hackney Wick native John Rowley puts into conjuring up a batch of his ale, the eponymous Mooncalf.

Here’s what Rich’s take on the film…

“Making your own home brew is something that is kind of misunderstood. People usually imagine students throwing some hops in a bucket for a few days to save a bit of money. Real brewing, as John does, takes a great deal of care, time, and is very precise.’

‘I wanted originally to do a very fast cut, a Breaking Bad laboratory-style edit. But when I got around to filming John do his thing, I realised that it’s actually a very peaceful, relaxing process, so I changed the feel of the film to match this.’

Behold • The Mooncalf from Richard Butterworth on Vimeo.

For those wondering, the premiere where we see John serving up the Mooncalf is for his own film, The Wick, while that poetic voiceover sharing soundtrack space with the flamenco music was penned by scriptwriter Tom Metcalf and is delivered by Spectrecom’s very own resident animation ace Tiago Higgs.

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