Every 20 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with blood cancer.

That’s a scary statistic.

Those who are affected are just like you or I. They are mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. They’re black, white, Asian, gay, straight, old and young… blood cancer can target anyone at any time.

For many of these people, a stem cell transplant from a donor is their last chance of survival and this is where Anthony Nolan steps in.

Anthony Nolan is a pioneering, life-saving charity that works tirelessly to match incredible blood stem cell or bone marrow donors to those with blood cancer and blood disorders.

The problem is, not enough men are signing up. In fact, males aged 16-30, who are the most sought after matches, occupy just 15% of the donor register.

So this March we’re helping the charity to spread the word and start a movement of men, all capable of saving a life, to sign up to the register.

Last week we filmed in North London to promote Anthony Nolan’s March of the Men campaign.

We can’t reveal any more until the film’s release on 8th March, but we’re really excited about working with Anthony Nolan on the campaign and we hope the film will encourage real men, all over the country, to stand up and take action for this worthwhile cause.

After all, being a real man isn’t about what football team you support, how many marathons you run or which X-box game you’re in to. Anyone can be a real man, and all it takes is a spit…!

Find out more about the campaign here and keep your eyes peeled for the film.

UPDATE: We’ve since released the film and to date it has gained overall 234,423 views. Watch the film above.

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