Online video might be our day job, but horror movies are a personal passion for many of the miscreants stalking the Spectrecom corridors. Lucky then that occasionally those two worlds collide – as recently happened when a couple of Spectrecommers shot a brand new promo for the 2013 edition of the FrightFest horror movie festival.

Running for five days and screening more than 50 horror flicks, current and classic alike, this year’s FrightFest kicks off in Leicester Square tomorrow. One of the event sponsors is the Horror Channel, and it was on behalf of said august broadcaster that our very own Ben Kent and Jonny Franklin were enlisted to help create its FF promo.

In their spare time, Ben and Jonny are members of the award-winning, internet-conquering Bloody Cuts series of short films, so they were the perfect double-act to shoot the promo’s exteriors, featuring a gothic seaside scene and a cake-crushing incursion from the face of the Horror Channel, actress-presenter Emily Booth.

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